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What is Twisted Torchlight?

 Hello and welcome to Twisted Torchlight. My name is Monika and I have been doing art for the last ten years in an on again, off again manner. My first love was writing, and I am proud to say I am a published author. You can find much of my work located at http://allpoetry.com/MotherMachineGunn. I have my third book of poetry in the making as well. So needless to say, it has been a busy two years or so, and I have not had much time to update the site. Please bare with me, and I will get it going as soon as possible. I know several of you have seen this site under construction for more than a year. I apologize. 

Moving on...

I originally created this site for other artist or enthusiasts to come and get a little inspiration, as well as to have a place to showcase my pieces. As of late, I am moving more in the direction of letting people know that there is art in everything! I think I want to stress more than anything that, you don't exactly need to be able to draw or paint a straight line to be an artist. I talk to so many people who are always saying " I love what you do, I wish I could draw" And let me tell you... I can't. Art for me is an outlet, sort of an outcry of emotion and I find that people respond to it, because it is real and raw. I urge every person who comes across this to go out, buy the cheapest canvas you can and some cheap arts and crafts paint (acrylic) and just go to town. It may be a mess, it may be strewn colors and it may be a personal masterpiece. 

 Which leads me to...

I would love to see your art! E-mail your photos!! 


With that being said... I would also like to thank the few of you who OH SO PATIENTLY waited for me to get the "Poetry Blog" in order. I finally got all the Allpoetry pieces moved over here. No short task, I might add...

Again, I would like to welcome and thank all the appropriate people. Enjoy your browse on my site!!!







Due to several unpleasant incidences in the past we are forced to announce the following:

1. Images/poems from www.twistedtorchlight.faithweb.com and Allpoetry.com/MotherMachineGunn, can be used outside of it's site solely for the purposes of review or exhibition (including webzines/messageboards etc) provided that the image/poem is not altered in any way and a link to:
http://www.twistedtorchlight.faithweb.com/ http://www.allpoetry.com/MotherMachineGunn/ is provided clearly stating the artists' name on the actual page the image/poem is used. A text link is permitted. This does NOT mean that the image/poetry can be used as part of the design for your website.

2. None of the images/poetry in this site may be used - in part or in whole - as part of any image, print design or web interface design unless a license or written permission from TwistedTorchlight.Prod. has been obtained PRIOR to the downloading, uploading or use of any graphic.

3. No images/poems are to be redistributed for financial gain or placed within any compilation CD, software or other reproducible media without written permission from TwistedTorchlight. Prod.

4. All images/poems and interface-designs that comprise the site www.twistedtorchlight.faithweb.com/ Allpoetry.com/MotherMachineGunn/, are the sole, exclusive and permanent property of Monika E. Arnold and associates.

5. Anyone caught violating this terms and conditions will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

These terms are legally binding.

Monika E. Arnold & TwistedTorchlight. Prod. ©2003

This is the origional TwistedTorch. The name is trademark and the rights belong to the owner of this site.

Copyright ©2003 Monika E. Arnold





Entire site under construction!

Please stand by while we update the entire look and feel of the NEW TwistedTorchlight!


*NEW* Featured artist page!!

                Each month there with be a featured artist. If you would like to apply for featured artist.

                contact me with at least 3 pieces of your original artwork. It will be copywritten under your name.





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Some images on this site may be offensive to some viewers. If you are easily offended. Please leave the site now.

 If at anytime you would like your art removed from the site... simply contact me so that I may remove it promptly. 

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